Thursday, October 6, 2011

That Was Way Too Fast!

Hair is pretty much gone!  Fell out by handfuls :(.  Sheila and Cheryl used my clippers and shaved what was left down to about half an inch.  I totally look like a chemo patient now!  I have to actually go out in public today.  Well, it is just to doctors office, but that it out of safety of my house.  Now I not only have to figure out what clothes to wear but what the hell to put on my almost bald head.   Baseball cap with hair attached or my short wig are in the finals. They all make me nervous!
I am still feeling pretty good.  Walked a couple miles again, felt great.  I have a bit more of an appetite, but not for same things I used to like.  Not too much else to report this morning. 
Love to everyone  ♥ Sara ♥


Anonymous said...


You inspire me. Period.
I think of u and your family everyday...many times throughout the day.

I don't work on Tues or Thurs and would love to join u for a walk or hike or whatever you're up to doing.
No pressure. Just know I'm here.

Continued prayers,

Gena Starkweather said...

Thank you for keeping those of us who love you and are far away updated. Be glad you live somewhere warm. I would hate to think your head was cold. Keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

Hair or no hair - you are beautiful!! Inside and out. Walked for you this morning and thinking of you often.

Sandra said...

Bald is beautiful. Love. Sandy