Sunday, October 9, 2011

Round Two.

I have felt pretty good overall the past week.  Still tired and not really much of an appetite.  I have managed to get caught up on some things before Monday.  Round two chemo at 9:15 a.m.  According to things I have read, some side effects are worse and some not as bad.  I am not sure what to expect, but I am not really scared this time.  My hair is pretty much gone, very very thin amounts left.  I wear a turban type hat around house, so I look like a fortune teller.  I went out twice with hat/wig.  I felt pretty self conscious but getting used to it all a little bit at a time.
Vance had his 16th birthday on Saturday.  Having a moonlight bowling party next Saturday.  I will have to stay home and let Bruce man the crowd!   Vance can get his drivers license in a week, which will be really helpful. 
Seems like I have more to report, but I can't remember right now!  (One side effect of chemo, or maybe just age??).  I will check in with round two report as soon as I am able! 
Thanks for love, prayers and support!  ♥ Sara ♥


Sandra said...

Hi Sara, I was thinking about you today. I'm praying that you're doing ok now that you're into Round 2. I hope you can find something to laugh about every day. Reading your blog makes me laugh. I can just see you, Madame Fortune Teller! :) Keep the faith. Know that I care. I'm sending healing thoughts your way. xo Sandy

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about you. You have good care! ylu