Monday, October 3, 2011

It is Happening...............

It is really happening.  Ahhhhhhh.  My hair is definitely falling out in mass amounts.  Started off with itchy, tingly scalp.  Then the comb FULL of hair,  Now hair everywhere.  I should just cut really short, maybe tomorrow.  People keep saying "you will look nice, even bald."  Ready or not it is here.  Hopefully I can embrace it soon enough.  I was  thinking  I will dress up as Saturday Night Live's cone head for Halloween!!
I had a fever and a seroma (fluid filled golf ball thing under my arm) the past few days.  Had it drained today and on some more antibiotics.  Hopefully controllable, drain it again Friday.
I felt good this morning, took girl dogs on a couple mile walk.  Great to be out in civilization.  Hoping to go rest of the week healthy before next Monday's poison treatment.
That's about all the news for now, Wigs and hats will be making debut way too soon!
Thanks for Love  ♥Sara♥

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Unknown said...

Good to catch up on the phone and finally on your blog. Looking for our costumes :)