Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chemo Cocktail????

This may be hard to believe, but there actually is a cocktail I don't like!  They call it a chemo cocktail.  It consists of a mixture of different toxic and poisonous ingredients.  People sometimes ask "what's your chemo cocktail?"  First time I heard it I thought the lady was trying to be funny.  Now I know what it means and every time I hear the word cocktail I think of chemo, maybe that's a good thing!!
I continue on the roller coaster of ups and downs this week.  Sunday and Monday were the worst so far.  I even fell off cliff of nausea into true vomit!  Along with that came a horrible headache.  Called the oncologist and got some little orange pills to help with nausea.  By Monday night I felt better.  Had chemo follow up on Tuesday, Dr. Wendt actually felt bad he hadn't handled situation and let it get to the point I felt so bad.  I didn't blame him but nice a doctor would apologize!  Anyway, he gave me a bunch of prescriptions to help next round go easier.
So, off to Wig Salon my friend Sharlene and I went.  A bit intimidating at first but then I found a couple I liked and actually felt relieved.  The wigs came with names, Catherine and Cleo.  I realized the wigs aren't the real issue, but being bald is.  According to statistics and my calculations, next Friday is the day!!!  I did get a short haircut on Wednesday to get a bit prepared.  I like it but I call it my 10 day haircut!!
Vance had a fever and body aches on Tuesday.  He came in my room after school and said he felt bad.  I put my hand on his forehead and said "oh, you are sick!"  Then all the sudden I said "Get out of my room!!!"  I was remembered I am  immune suppressed!  Didn't matter anyway, I felt pretty good Wednesday and Thursday.  Then Friday woke up with fever and body aches.  I am lying low today and hopefully can it fight off with whatever cells haven't been killed off!  I am hoping to have next week to refuel before treatment #2.
Well today is October 1st. The month of "Breast Cancer Awareness".   Unfortunately I am now aware of breast cancer every single day!! I used to think way too much attention was paid to just "breast" cancer. I am now grateful for all the effort people have put toward it! Havasu had their "walk for the cure today. Some of my friends walked on my behalf. They made it fun and I wish so much I was there to walk with them! Thanks girls!
Thanks everyone for the never ending love and support! ♥♥♥
♥ Lori, Mary Ann , Tami and Terri ♥

Fight Like A Girl Bedazzled !

Lynn there too, probably running! ♥

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Sandra said...

I can't believe I missed the walk. I would have loved to be there with your other friends to walk in your honor, Sara. My Today's News Herald subscription ran out and there you go...I'm out of touch with the goings on in Havasu. :/ I'm sorry you felt so bad this week. Glad to know you have the drugs to help you cope. I'll be thinking of you. God bless. Love, Sandy