Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From What I've read.......

I met with Plastic surgeon yesterday.  Everything healing well, but no fill because of my Thursday surgery.  We will wait until next week....something to look forward to, I guess!!
It seems like a final diagnosis is getting closer.   We met with the medical oncologist today.  Appointment was at 4:00, got home at 7:00!  Dr. Wendt was a real "numbers" guy (which Bruce really likes!) and quite a wealth of information.  And yes, I had to undress once again!  Chemotherapy seems to really follow a lot of statistics and percentages, which I still don't feel like I fit into. We will not know exactly which regimen to follow (but there will definitely be one) until we get pathology report from tomorrow's node surgery.  Praying for no more positive nodes because that could easily put me into more aggressive treatment.  So, I wait patiently once again.  When we left, the doctor walked us out past the "treatment" room. It looked just like the ones in moves with the brown recliner-like chairs all in a row.  I saw a cabinet across the room with a  styrofoam head with a wig on it!  Kinda creepy, at least for now.  Dr. Wendt asked it I wanted to look around the room, I told him nope!  I felt good about him and his approach and will be talking to him again too soon.
Surgery at 9:30 tomorrow morning.  I will get the rest of lymph nodes out on left side and a port put in for chemo.  The port makes this whole cancer thing feel just way too real!  From what I've read the lymph surgery can be more painful than breast surgery, I will find out soon enough how true that is!  I always wonder if  the surgery staff  talks about me when I'm out, I  hope not, and especially not my newly designed boobs! 
"From what I've read"  seems to be my phrase of choice lately.  I am not sure if the doctors appreciate it but I just can't help myself.  My reading focus is now on the chemo drugs and I should be well informed very soon!
My emotions still feel like quite a roller coaster.  Feeling positive and lucky sometimes, then tearful and screwed other times.  I know that time will pass and I will look back at all this and be stronger and yes even wiser from this.  
Thanks to all of my supporters for everything, especially the love!!!! ♥


Tami said...

It was so good to talk to you last night......let me know when you are ready to go get our haircuts! I will be on the road as soon as you are ready

Sandra said...

Thinking of you, Sara. xo