Friday, August 19, 2011

Thanks for the Tree!!

I have had so many thoughtful and wonderful things sent and delivered to me. Flowers, food, cards and good wishes. Well, I even got a tree! Yes it is six feet tall and alive! The card says " Hope you have a speedy recovery, from all of us!" I am not sure who sent it but thank you very much and I will try not to kill it! All else is going as well as I can expect. I am very sore, but able to get around using lower half! Sleeping on my back is really hard but I guess I am getting used to it. I still have ace bandages on covering entire chest, I haven't got brave enough to look under. The drains are not even close to as bad as people had me believing. A little gross to drain but other than that not a huge problem. Hopefully they will come out on Tuesday. It is hard to stay sedated in bed, but Bruce keeps telling me not to do anything, so I try to cooperate. I am feeling so relieved after the initial surgery and am anxiously waiting the pathology results. I have to say thank you to everyone again, I couldn't have had such a peaceful recovery without all the support and prayers!  ♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

Love your updates..

Tami said...

HOLY CRAP! that is a huge tree....haha :) Love reading your blogs and so happy you are recovering...Bruce is right, don't do anything right now. Let the rest of us take care of you for a few weeks.........Hope to see you soon.

RealNurse said...

Nice tree! Glad you are doing well, I have been out of town. Let others take care of you right now! Talk to you soon! What kind of leaves are those? lol