Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cancer is a word, Not A Sentence.

Cancer is a word, Not a sentence.
I read this quote today and thought it was very appropriate.  I think it says it perfectly, and I will remind myself this often.
I received the "phone call" last night.  Pathology report in............definitely not what I was expecting or wanted to hear. The conversation started with the infamous "well, we have good news and some bad news..."  First, the two nodes taken both contain cancer cells (shit!).  There were multiple cancer cells in all quadrants of left breast, not just the two suspected.  Good thing we were aggressive to start with!  Right side looked clean,  I now have more intense treatment to look forward to.  I will have another surgery to remove more of my nodes and hope for rest to be clear.  I have an appointment in the morning with Dr Zannis to go over pathology report and I will hopefully know more then.  I will get a copy of report and I am sure dissect and obsess over it.  The new results put me in a more definite place now.  Chemo will not be "optional" now but protocol.  The question now is not uni or bilateral but scarf or wig? I am not sure if radiation is involved but I will get some idea tomorrow.  I will also be meeting with medical oncologist soon. 
I had post-op appointment with plastic surgeon today.  He pulled the two tubes out, Left side burned but I am glad to be done with extra things attached to my body.  Then, ahhhhh the unveiling of the new ones.  I was so nervous.  I honestly hadn't looked under the bandage all week, which is odd because I have opened and re wrapped Christmas presents as long as I can remember!  I could barely look, I felt like something from horror movie!  Dr thought they looked perfect, he was very pleased with results.  So, back next week to have first fill (add some saline to port in expander).  After I was home, I managed to look at them in mirror.  I think they will look fine when he is done with them.  Hopefully good enough to even go to nudest event!! (jk)
I was feeling pretty good about progress of treatment, then I was feel knocked down again with the new  information.  So, more testing and waiting and a plan should be decided sometime soon.  I am having easier time talking about things now, which is good considering it is not going away as soon as I would have liked.
Thanks again for such great help and support.  I honestly am still so amazed by the support I feel from so many people in my life.  The thoughtfulness has been so incredible I can only say thank you and I love you all! ♥


Anonymous said...

You are perfect, very, very proud! ylu

Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes, WE will get thru this..........thank God, you went with the aggressive treatment. Stay strong and know that there alot of people here that love and support you.

RealNurse said...

Well I just want to say FUCK and FIGHT. love you and you can beat a word. WORD. shit. thats a word too!

Sandra said...

"Cancer is a word." Focus on only one part of the word..."CAN." You CAN beat this, Sara! You are a fighter and your family and friends are in your corner. I send my love to you. xo