Wednesday, September 7, 2011

♥♥♥ KRAMER ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ KRAMER ♥♥♥

What a sofa king sad day :(.   We woke up today to Kramer way out of sorts.  He was panting heavily and barely able to get around.  He would lay and just stare at the wall.  The king of food inhalation didn't even budge when we gave him a piece of turkey.  So damn sad (to put it lightly).  Took him to vet and found out he has huge tumor and nothing they can do.  Bruce, Vance and Clark went to say goodbye to him, I stayed home and cried.  He has been a pleasure to have in our lives and has had a great "dog" life.  We will miss him so much and are glad he didn't have to suffer too much.  We love him so much.............
So, back to the cancer talk....met with naturopathic doctor yesterday, very interesting and works with oncologist without problems (at least on his part!).  Gave some blood and meet him again next week.
We met with Dr. Zannis, took off bandages and drains.  Then path report, not bad, one more node involved.  Not sure if he felt that answered a lot of questions but surely not really bad news.  So onto oncologist soon to figure out chemo regimen.  Dr Zannis  thought we should still see radiologist since I am so "unique", hooray!  Anyway, appointments soon, no date yet.
Tomorrow I see Plastic surgery doc, hopefully get first fill, seems like only highlight in all this.  Sorry but no photos yet!!!
That is all for now, thanks and love to everyone ♥♥♥
RIP little Kramer we will miss you....................

PS. This was his favorite sleeping position!!


Sandra said...

Sara, I'm sorry for the loss of cranky little Kramer. What a character he was! This news makes me sad. Mickey is Kramer's age. He's been panting even when he's in the house and he's not hot, so...who knows. He's old and it's almost time. I cry at the thought of losing my best little buddy. He's with me always. At my feet as I type right now.

The news isn't too bad on the boob front. I'm happy for that news. I think of you daily. You have a fantastic attitude, but you always have. Take care, my friend. xo Sandy

Anonymous said...

Very sad about Kramer. Remember "How do you catch a unique rabbit?"

Answer: "Unique up behind them!"

Or maybe you can be a "Rap Artist" U-NEEK!

RealNurse said...

She (wink) was a good dog. I miss those walks around the neighborhood with him, Stella and YOU! RIP Kramer, now you can play with Skyler!