Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fight Like A Girl!!

My niece Sierra sent me a photo of a little boxing glove that said "Fight Like a Girl!".  So sweet and exactly what I need to do.  Breast cancer is not something I ever imagined myself personally fighting, but it is as real as it can ever be.  So I am going to embrace it the best I can and fight it!  Bought a juicer today so I can work on anti-oxidants and detoxifying.  Made some carrot  and raspberry juice for my first attempt and it was actually pretty tasty!  Our refrigerator has bags of broccoli, carrots, green beans, berries, organic free range eggs,  organic chicken....... I have been feeling pretty good lately, my left arm is still sore but I mange things using my right hand.  I can take a shower and even glance in the mirror without freaking out too much!  I have a very event filled week.  Honestly, I have at least one appointment every day.  I am meeting with naturopath Monday and set up some sort of plan, he will be so thrilled I have a juicer!  Coffee enemas?  I am going to have to warm up to that!  I will be one detoxified person!  I have PET scan (I think it is like MRI but of entire body) on Tuesday morning.  I am expecting nothing but good results from that.  Dr Zannis  on Wednesday.  Another fill on Thursday (not a double D yet!).  Then an echo cardiogram to check heart function for chemo.  Then the Friday Finale with Dr Wendt (chemo dr) to set up chemo schedule and plan, scary!  The ball is really rolling now!
Vance and Bruce have never had such fabulous treats and meals!  Thanks so much, something sweet is always appreciated by Vance!  Fergie and Stella even got a little care package (we are all missing Kramer).
Thanks again for everything!  I had no idea what fabulous people are in my life! ♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

Couldn't catch up with you today so I thought I would read your blog and get in the loop that way. I can't get you off my mind :) So if you listened to my vmail you know I'm staying in Pinetop through Sunday. When I get back I can become part of the delivery party... I have recruits too!
Keep rocking that Sofaking amazing spirit!
XOXO Karen

Anonymous said...

Amen Sara!!! Thinking of you daily!! Judy

Anonymous said...

Kicking! Biting, and Scratching! Coffee enema??? Boy what a waste of coffee! YLU