Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breast Cancer Can Be Funny...

You know there is something funny about Breast Cancer!  That definitely sounds weird, but seriously I have always been pretty modest about my body, then I get Breast Cancer and now I talk about breasts all the time!  Breast cancer is so unique because if you have kidney cancer or liver cancer or skin cancer everyone can talk about it and no one gets embarrassed or uncomfortable.  It can even be a dinner conversation without any issues. However, mention Breast Cancer which is a private, feminine and sexual body part and quite a different reaction!!  Cancer has taken over my life lately and "breast" and "boob" are part of about every conversation I have.  It is strange, and I think funny.  Especially when men get embarrassed about it. I could talk about a kidney transplant and no one would care. But I talk about breast reconstruction and it’s suddenly an embarrassing conversation. Women don’t seem to mind because they all have boobs. (Well okay, most of them do!) Boobs aren’t such a big deal to women. You mention boobs in mixed company, though, and the men don’t know what to do. Is it okay to talk about it? Do I laugh? Do I act interested?  What’s appropriate? If I look at her chest am I out of line even though they’re fake implants? Is it okay to notice? Haha, What do I do?!!
As far as I’m concerned you can relax. You aren’t going to say or do anything to offend me. Since I have had  breast cancer, any issues I had about talking about breasts are long gone. They had to go. Which really isn’t such bad thing. It Seems like society gives far too much power and interest to breasts. Yes they are beautiful and desirable, but they are also a normal part of the human body. So we should all  lighten up about breasts!  Instead, let’s laugh about them and have some fun.
On that note, what a fun week I have had!  Talking and sharing breast info with multiple people and many complete strangers!  I had a PET scan, only about thirty minutes of holding still.  Results came back negative (good!).  Blood work was all within normal range. (good also!). Saw Dr Zannis (surgeon) for post operative appointment, said everything looked good and see him when I'm done with chemo, seems like a lifetime away.  Had a vitamin and nutrient infusion with Dr Porter (naturopath) to boost my immune system.  One more on Friday and then we will see with chemo schedule. No coffee enemas yet!!!  Today I had another fill!! Hooray for that.  Then I had heart ultra sound and echo cardiogram.  Awkward moment... a young guy comes to get me.  I think it was honestly more awkward for him when he was doing ultra sound and I was talking about breasts and nipples!!!  Really nice guy though, but someone had to break the ice!  He said my heart looked good.
So tomorrow I see Dr Wendt (chemo dr).  I am sure we will set up plan, probably starting next week...ewwwww.... definitely not looking forward to that!  
Thanks so much for fabulous dinners and cookies this week!!  So generous and helpful!
Vance says, "well at least this is one good thing from all this!!" His way of saying thank you!
Thanks for all the love and support!! ♥♥♥


Sandra said...

I love this post, Sara! You make me laugh! Keep that feisty attitude! :)

RealNurse said...

We love boobies, like the wrist band, but we love you more! Laughter is the best medicine!