Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting Closer I guess...

The genetic test came back negative.  Good for me and my family :).  The decision on what to do still seems to hover in my head.  I woke up yesterday thinking I will have a one sided mastectomy... then I read and get freaked out and revert to lumpectomy.  People tell me I will know what to do and feel good about my decision.  Well I am waiting for the revelation to come anytime!  I got a call from plastic surgeons office while at Target yesterday.  They informed me I have a surgery date of August 16th and a pre-op with them on the 11th.  I said OK great, thinking I don't even know what for!  I guess I am on the books now and having the pressure of a deadline may be just what I need.  So, I continue to read and wonder what to do.  I find myself extremely distracted (more than usual!) and don't seem to be too productive.  Hopefully this gets better once a plan is made.  Vance is at camp for a week and I will try really hard to focus on reality!  Also, I think I will sew my own  robe/pancho thing and just wear it to every appointment for quick and easy access also that way I won't have to keep changing clothes!! Thanks for all the continuous support!♥

Fergie always makes me smile!

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stephanie zea said...

One more puzzle piece has now been added. I will pray you receive the info soon that will give you the insight you need to make a decision that you will be at peace with.