Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Fog is Lifting!!

The fog is beginning to clear again.  I am feeling well enough to get out of bed for more than an hour!  I am seeing a definite cycle and pattern to these chemo side effects.  I don't really like what I see but kind of know what is coming next.  They say there is a cumulative effect after each treatment and side effects can become worse.  This is a bit frightening as I have three more treatments left.  I experienced same pattern of pain. nausea, and HEADACHE as previous times.  Now I can add really dry wrinkled (more than normal) skin and what they call peripheral neuropathy (a numbness and tingling of fingers and toes).  So far I only feel it on two fingers and thumb on my right hand.  It is pretty annoying and I hope it doesn't get much worse.  Other than that I hope to be on the upside of treatment three.
I returned to the acupuncturist yesterday.  I was told I had a weak pulse and then treated for nausea and headache with the needles.  After the normal 28 minutes the needles are removed.  The acupuncturist came in the room to remove mine and took my pulse again.  She told me "you need one hour for treatment"!  I guess I didn't respond like she wanted.   I actually did feel better, although my headache returned a few hours later.  I have another appointment Friday, and hopefully I will feel somewhat funtional until number four.
I took the dogs on a decent walk today with a new friend I met online! It was just the website in the Phoenix section.  Turns out she lives right across canal from me.  We are both bald and at same point in treatment.  We have a lot to talk about as well as laugh about.
Bruce has been so helpful and supportive in every way.  He seems to end up at the grocery store at least once everyday.  He has learned that the minute you get home and start unpacking and you think of something we need and a new list is started!  It is never ending!
Vance has been able to drive himself around and it is a huge help for all of us.  Plus, he can now be on-time or even early to things.  He locked the keys in the truck the other night when he was with some friends.  He called a locksmith and paid $150.00 to get them out.  Why he didn't call home and have someone bring a spare, when he was half a mile away?  We don't know but it was an expensive life lesson for him!
Clark is busy with school and work but manages to check in on me at least a couple times a week.  So sweet.  He just got hired as a "flight instructor" at the Chandler Airport.  We are so proud and happy for him. 
Drew is still happy in Estonia.  We skype talk frequently.  He too is so sweet and concerned about me.
This is sounding like a Christmas letter so I will  quit going on and on!
Thanks to all of family and friends for the support, love and prayers (and the occasional gift!).  I am honestly so thankful and fortunate.
♥ Sara ♥

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Hang in there. We love you. Ylu