Friday, January 13, 2012

Bald Barbie!!!

I am actually feeling like I am done with this regimen of chemo.  I still have some lingering side effects, but nothing too debilitating.  I am exhausted and working on getting an appetite back, oh and hopefully grow some hair back!  I went for a couple mile walk today, I am so looking forward to getting in some sort of shape!  I have been in bed too long, watching "let's make a deal" everyday at 2:00!  Pretty sad!!
I went to get my expander deflated a little by plastic surgeon yesterday.  I walked in with my fab wig on and the receptionist who is there every time asks me my name.  I told her and she was like "Oh, wow, I didn't even recognize you!"  I knew I looked bad but....She said, "No you look good!"   Yeah right.  Oh well, I haven't been there since September and it's been a pretty gruelling five months!!!
I went to radiologist today.  Dr. Kuske drew all over my side to be radiated with a black marker.  They call it mapping and that is just what it looks like.  Then some magnetic markers and then a CAT scan.  Then three tiny little tattoos, I asked for hearts or stars but the tech said she wasn't creative, so dots is all I have.  They showed me the computer view of scan, and said I had a big heart!  Ahhhh, that was sweet.
I should start a week from Monday.  Side effects should be nothing compared to chemo, mainly fatigue and some sun burn like issues. That's all I know about schedule so far. 
I am very relieved this part is over as well as holiday season.  It was very nice and everyone was so generous, but I was very "out of the loop".  I will be back soon!
I am so very thankful for friends and family that have been there for me as well as my immediate family.  We definitely don't realize what we have until we really need it.  So, a huge thank you to so many people who have been part of this journey.
Sara ♥♥♥
                                             Bald Barbie!?!  I Think Great  A Idea!


David Haas said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

Linda Rogers said...

I saw the great article David left on your blog. He has an article on my blog as well. He is doing great work to help survivors and families get through this terrible disease. Anyhoo, I am a eight year survivor of Lung cancer. (I never even smoked.) I just read that your done with chemo and wanted to say: "YIPPEE and GREAT JOB." Trust me, it's the worst part of treating the cancer. Let me tell you how radiation was for me: A cake walk, a walk in the park, well, you get my point. For me, it was like my mini nap on the table and I was off again. I brought my dog with me once a week which is how often I went. OF course he stayed in the car but it helped me knowing he was with there and it helped my new friends that I met during radiation. It brought them a lot of joy seeing my dog Joey when they walked in and out of treatment. I met some of the greatest people in the waiting room too which became a huge part of my support system during that time. I went to radiation once a week for three months. Let me know if you have any questions about radiation other than this as Iv'e been there. Take care and you are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless :-)